Holy Communion will be celebrated from Sunday June 21, 2020 in the Parish of Quamby. St Mary’s Hagley being a large church and situated centrally within the parish will be used whilst restrictions are in place.




Maximum gathering size limits and density as prescribed by the Health Department will be followed. As the congregation arrive their hands will be sanitised, with contact phone recorded and social distancing practised. The congregation will be directed to seating on the aisle side of the pew with prescribed spacing between pews. Members of the same household may sit together.

 The congregation will be advised prior to the service not to attend if they have any symptoms of illness and a verbal announcement will be made prior to Communion for anyone feeling even slightly unwell to refrain from participation.

Communion will be distributed by the priest and taken to the congregation in their pews to avoid social distancing confusion at the altar rail.

Service Preparation


·        Those preparing the elements for communion and setting the altar, are to have sanitized hands.

·        Regular wafers that have been pre-infused with wine and dried, will be the method of distribution.




·      The Priest will sanitise hands prior to the Thanksgiving. A chalice and paten will used in the Thanksgiving, and only the priest will drink from the chalice. The priest will consume the remaining consecrated elements following the distribution.

·      Bread and wine for distribution will remain covered with a corporal during the words of Thanksgiving.




·      Sanitiser will be available to the congregation before receiving the elements to be taken in their pew.

·      The Priest will distribute the bread taking care not to touch the hands of the communicant.

·      If offering a blessing, the Priest will not touch the person being prayed for.

After Communion


·      The Communion vessels and altar will be thoroughly cleaned at the end of the service.

·      The Priest and all those assisting in cleaning the vessels will sanitise their hands at the end of communion.                                                                                                                                                                   


·        Cleaning.. pews to be cleaned with damp cloth with detergent and disinfectant and use disinfectant after use. (Kneelers not used)

·        Handrails /doorknobs/ handles and switches damp cloth  with detergent and disinfected.

·        Toilet … detergent and disinfected.

·        Congregation may use their own Prayer Book. The Churches APBA’s are not to be used.

·        There will be no singing.

·        The Greeting of Peace.. there will be no physical contact between the congregation other than those of the same household.

·        No refreshments after the service.

·        Wooden collection plate ….detergent/disinfected for retiring  collection. 

·        Stress to those planning to attend that if they feel in the vulnerable category recommended by the health authorities.. should not attend.