Next market day 19May 2018

--------- New stall holders are welcome.

this is an indoor and outdoor market and spaces are limited inside but we have plenty of room outside.

The friendliest little market in Tasmaniawith quite an assortment of stalls.

Breakfast usually starts cooking at 8 thereabouts.

Enquiries to Rob 0417 931 619.


Mini Sermon

Pentecost 20th May 2018.

Acts 2:1-21, Ps.104:26-36.

Rom.8:22-27, Jn.15:26-27;16:4b-15.

Dear Friends,

            We have just come through three very worrying weeks, which have put everyone in this diocese under a lot of strain and anxiety, as we have heard a lot about Redress to victims of sexual abuse in our churches, and tried to understand just what it will involve in our various places of worship. It is always harder to cope with things we don't know about, than things which we do know, and the wait to find out just how our parish was to be affected was particularly hard. Bp. Condie, felt it was a far more pastoral to come and tell us in person rather than let us just read from an impersonal list, that all our churches, St. Andrew's Carrick, St. Andrew's Westbury, and St.Mary's Hagley, were on the list to be sold. The Bishop had an unenviable task in relaying the news, and many of us reacted out of our shock, and in ways which were not pleasant, or helpful at the time.

Now, as the situation unfolds, it is up to us to grasp the process, follow it, and with the help of the Holy Spirit, and a lot of prayer, explore what, if any assets, we have in our parish, to use for 'Redress,'and to provide continued ministry in Quamby, and if possible to save our churches for us and the communities in which we are situated.

Today, we celebrate Pentecost, sometimes known as the 'Birthday of the church,' and who knows, it may be a new 'Birthday' for Quamby.

At Pentecost over 200 years ago, some unusual events occurred. Jesus had promised his disciples that he would send the Holy Spirit to comfort them, and guide them, and lead them into all truth, after he had ascended to his father. (Jn.15:26, 16:8ff) The new power was demonstrated in the fulfillment of the prophesies made in both the Old and New testaments. In his speech Peter quoted Joel, saying that God would pour out his spirit upon all peoples in order to empower them and save their children. As the Holy Spirit came upon them on that first Pentecost, the believers, both slave and free, would soon experience the power to prophesy and see visions, just as the prophet Joel had foretold. On the other hand, in the New Testament, John the Baptist had predicted the outpouring of the Holy spirit, and that Jesus would baptise believers 'with the Holy Spirit, and with power. 'And of course Jesus had promised them, "you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you." (Acts 1:8)

New power did come upon them, as the out pouring of the Holy spirit enabled the believers to do the same mighty works that Jesus had done. When the disciples were filled with the Holy Spirit they began to speak in other languages. This is quite significant, because by this, the Holy Spirit symbolically initiated power upon the believers for evangelistic purposes, this power would include the driving out of demons , healing, prophesying, and performing other miracles.

And so, the disciples were equipped for their new mission, they were now commissioned to carry the 'good news' or Gospel to the rest of the world. Before his ascension, Jesus had told them to stay in Jerusalem until they had received the gift of the Holy Spirit. Then, just as he had foretold, they "would be his witnesses in Jerusalem, in all Judea and in Samaria, and to the ends of the earth."

This same spirit continues to be present, and is available in today's world in order to empower and sustain all believers. However, we Anglicans seem reluctant to access the power of the Holy Spirit. I can't help feeling that is why our churches are empty, and we are not attracting young people, (where there are some,) One cannot run a car with an empty fuel tank!

Today let us pray specifically that we will all be filled once more with the Holy Spirit. "Happy Birthday, Christians."

with love and Blessings, Jo